29th June Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay 25 km

This morning was a later start due to the fact that Lyn had a recurrence of her diarrhoea and could not walk the final day after all. Plans had to be made to get her to our destination. Paul also was still shaky but felt he could walk.

We were waiting around when the steam train came out of the shed and backed up to the carriages at the station. The steam engines have been running since the 1830s and are now run by volunteers. Alan took the train(he was the only paying passenger!) We were all like little kids trying to get a photo. My Thomas the tank engine moment. After our excitement subsided we started the very long climb out of the valley up to Sleights Moor. Talk about a long and winding road- this one was a 1000 foot high slog.

When we crest the hill we can see the sea! The end is in sight which spurs us on despite sore feet from the hard road surface. Colin and I are suffering from really sore feet. He has arthritis in his big toe which coupled with blisters makes walking tougher and I have a very tender spot under the ball of my foot. No matter, we will be there at the end. We pass the Low Bride Stones and then the high Bride stones, worn down now but apparently they were originally large circles. After crossing the main road we headed off the moor into a pretty little hamlet called Littlebeck and walk beside a creek within a shady forest Littlebeck Wood over soft (!) leafy ground past the hermitage, a huge boulder hollowed out for a shelter in 1790. Next we arrived at Falling Foss a pretty waterfall and Tea Rooms!

When we arrived at Hawsker, the last village before the end I get all excited by a street sign stating 2.5 miles to Robin Hood’s Bay only to have my enthusiasm dashed by Paul who tells me that the road is not the C2C! We eat lunch on the corner, leftover muesli bars, fruit and chocolates.

We go along the road for a little while then enter a holiday camp of mobile homes . They are all neat and new looking but the place seemed so soulless.

Now we are on the cliff edge and it is very dramatic scenery. I can’t really feel my foot now because I am excited to be nearly there. Amongst the rough path Kathy Turner takes a bad fall, banging her hand hard on her walking sticks. The shock of the fall bring tears to her eyes and she is quite shaken for a moment. Bryce and Debra help her to stand and we wait despite her protests for her to regain her equilibrium. Then we see Robin Hood’s Bay from a vantage point. Lyn has come out to greet us!

We all walk down into the town past our accommodation and down to the water. Lined up we throw our stones in. In my case one for me and one for Peter. We are all exhilarated, hugging and congratulating each other. What a journey!

Now for a drink! I ordered a bottle of Prosecco for we women. The men had Wainrights Ale. We signed the book and received our certificates of achievement.

Now to get cleaned up for the farewell dinner at the Victoria. Colin who sings with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir gave us a rendition of Jerusalem. It brought the whole restaurant to a standstill. His voice is fantastic. Lyn and I said we would not be singing Waltzing Mathilda after that! It was an emotional evening.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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  1. Hi Kath, A steam locomotive, completing the walk and ‘Jerusalem’ on the same day: terrific! Sitting at Edinburgh airport waiting for our flight to Paris, then home via Ho Chi Minh City, arriving Oz dawn on Thursday. Love Monty & Pete

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