29 th June Robin Hood’s Bay, Whitby to Scarborough

Today we all made our departures from our lodgings. Lyn had been treated like she had contagious gastro and was very upset because she had been isolated by the host and we were not happy either. We understood what the host was trying to prevent but it was completely unnecessary in Lyn’s case. However she would not waver. She had been helpful in other ways but refused to budge on this and had not wanted Lyn to stay at all.

We were glad to leave in the end. We felt she was mean and only gave us two tea bags and some others only one! When we had arrived she barely gave us a moment to get in the door before she was asking us what we wanted for breakfast. We weren’t impressed. Small things like that leave an impression. Her breakfast wasn’t great either. A disappointing final place but it hadn’t ruined our experience. She booked taxis for us all which was very helpful and after saying our farewells to Moyra, Kathy and Debra we left for Whitby.

The taxi driver, Fred was a great source of information and very cheerful. He dropped us at Whitby Abbey ruins which we explored then walked into town. It is very charming and was so busy with tourists. A bit of a shock to the system after our quiet two weeks crossing the country. Captain Cook trained here for his sailing career.

I had wanted to get a piece of jet as a momento so I was interested in checking out the shops. Jet is actually fossilised wood and it is found in and near the sea. Whitby is renowned for it. In its raw state it looks like coal but polished it is a rich shiny black. I decided on a bangle and I am very happy with it.

Bruce, Lyn and I then took a boat ride out of the harbour into the North Sea and back again. The water looked calm but the swell was high at times giving us a good rock and roll. It must be treacherous in a high sea. The beach looked a bit miserable but the beaches to the north of the harbour wall had pretty bathing boxes. We had lunch near the dockside and ate crab sandwiches and Czech beer!

After sauntering around the shops our taxi driver returned to take us to Scarborough. He made mention of it as a bit rough, but not as bad as Middlesbrough where he said ‘they would steal your eyes and come back for your sockets!’ Middlesbrough had taken on mythical proportions as the birthplace of Dennis in the group. He always said it was a tough place but I don’t think he would like that comment.

Our hotel looks out over the beach and I can see how grand this place must have been in its hey day. The day was hot so there were lots of people at the beach and even in the water. There is a cable car/ funicular that goes from the town down to the beach.

They have a major problem with gulls. They are roosting on the buildings and the bridges so their is bird business over everything!

We found a Chinese restaurant for dinner because we can’t face another pub meal and it was delicious. We have missed our rice and vegetables!

All up we have walked a grand total of 8 kms! That is a rest day.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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