28 th June Blakey Ridge to Grosmont 15 km

We set off at 9.00 am this morning. Technically a sleep in but both Debra and I were awake really early at 5.00 am. It gave me a chance to write yesterday’s entry because I was too tired last night. The Lion Inn

Paul gave his usual what we are going to do speech and then became very emotional when he started to thank us for being so supportive while he has been sick.

All of us who completed the ‘big’ day were a bit weary but also happy with ourselves. It was one of the best days for team work and a sense of personal achievement.

My right foot is really tender and I have needed to add compedes to cushion the sole. I have had no sore feet up to date so this is disappointing so close to the end but I will manage.

Our path takes us along the road and then into the heather which is starting to bloom. Paul had made some joke about Full English breakfasts being fry ups then explained we would be passing Little Fry up Dale! The Eskdake (valley) below is verdant green and yellow in contrast to the brown and purple heather on the moor.

We pass Fat Betty ( a white ordinance column) where it is supposed to be good luck to place a piece of food and remove something else. We left biscuits and I took what I thought was a tea bag or rehydrater but was in fact a urinary tract alkalizer (cystitis medication). Not so lucky! Ha, ha.

We are walking off the moors and see more grouse this morning but they are too quick for my camera. Eventually we arrive in Glaisdale. A pretty village with red terracotta roofs. This is so different from the slate of most homes we have passed. The grey stone and grey roof tiles often seem very bleak to me.

We make a steep descent through the village over the Esk river and up to a pub for lunch. Here we attend to feet and lunch before visiting the beggars bridge dated from the 16 th Century.

Next we head into a forest where I see my very first hedgehog. They are very cute and smaller than Echidnas. We thought it might be sick because it didn’t move even though we were close.

The next notable structure was the Horseshoe inn, a very pretty place that we passed in order to reach some attractive stepping stones over the river.

Lastly we arrived at Grosmont, a town that grew as the iron ore mining developed. The train was a hugely important link between Whitby and Middlesbrough and was originally pulled up by horses but later Steam engines. There are rides and engines on display.

We are staying here and book an early dinner so the men can watch England play Belgium in the World Cup!

Lyn and Bruce walked today but Lyn still isn’t eating much. Their room at the gallery has a bath at the foot of the bed! It is in the attic and Bruce keeps hitting his head on the beams so he has towels and clothes draped over them.

We are all tired and the pub is very noisy so it is off to bed.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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