26th June Boulton on Swale to Ingleby Cross 27 km

I woke with a nose bleed this morning which I think was bought on by hay fever from walking through grass fields. Bruce rang to say Lyn had been sick with gastro or food poisoning all night and was still throwing up. He was hoping that Debra would have some Imodium to help. I dressed quickly to meet him at the door of our lodging so as not wake everyone up, but our hosts were already up getting ready for breakfast.

Bruce explained that they couldn’t walk today and would need to stay another day in Richmond for Lyn to recover. Later when we arrived at our meeting spot we discovered Paul, our guide had been afflicted also. The bus arrived to take us to where we had finished yesterday. Before we left we visited the grave of Henry Jenkins who had supposedly been the oldest person in Britain at 169 years old! He was reputed to have been born in 1500. That is how we feel at the end of the day sometimes.

The day is clear and sunny and soon we are all hot. It is a flat walk through fields of wheat, barley and rape seed, along roads and over cow and sheep fields. I thought it was much nicer than yesterday because we could see a wider vista and the Cleveland hills we are climbing tomorrow,

However it soon became apparent that Paul our guide was really unwell still and by 11.00 we were all concerned that he might collapse. He was very distressed and had to ring the accommodation hosts for assistance. They came to pick him up and we continued unguided. Apparently the restaurant rang and apologised and offered compensation.

Dennis and Sarah took on the mantle of leadership with Kingsley as third man. Kingsley was wearing a red shirt so he stood out like a flag the tour guides carry. We were all grateful for it. We had to cross a railway and lots of stiles and at one I managed to topple into some nettles and thistles. That was quite painful and left me tingling down one side for the rest of the walk. It is like having pins and needles. Another stile had a Halloween theme with skulls, and spiders, rats and cackling of a witch when you put your foot on the stile. It made us laugh.

Dennis and Sarah did a fantastic job following the map Paul loaned them. In fact we made such good time we were at our destination a half hour ahead of our expected time of arrival. My foot was killing me after walking on so many roads so I was pleased when we were picked up to be taken to our lodging at Ingleby Arncliffe where Paul is also residing. The rest had to keep walking up a hill to Park House where they are staying.

Dinner is at Park House and our host Jane gave Debra and I a lift. As we chatted she revealed this is James Herriot the Vet territory and her daughter is a vet nurse at the practice and on the TV program.

Park House is very quaint and Bev the owner put on a delicious meal. We have all eaten well over the trip but we are finding our appetites are smaller than when we started! I haven’t finished a whole main course for days. Jacquie the assistant brought us home. Everyone is so helpful and obliging.

This evening I got a message from Bruce that Lyn had slept most of the day, eaten half a banana and slept again. She will be too weak to walk for a day at least. We have a huge day ahead and it is hot again.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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