Téo 5 th May

It was a bit of a shamozzle at breakfast this morning. Despite being a stately home the breakfast area was long and narrow and we were all jammed in so to get up and down we had to ask people to shift. It was very congested at the buffet area too. However we didn’t starve. The Canadians were walking in to Santiago today (23 km) so they got off at 9.00am and we followed soon after. I hoped to stop in at the church to get the stamp I missed last night but there was a mass and the church was full.

We met them about halfway and Bill and Gary discussed the bike and Gary took it for a test drive. Bill looked like he had a sale!

Some wag put these up to encourage us or was it the community college?

We were taking two days to get to Santiago so our walk was 10 and 13 km, a short version. It was a pretty walk, though on roads through villages and fields. Only towards the end did we hit forest. It wasn’t all that crowded though we did see lots of pilgrims at cafes along the way. In the afternoon there were few. Our goal was Teo and the Parada de Franco, a Casa Rural with a chef and restaurant which literally sits on both sides of the Camino.

At our first coffee break we saw three young men having their breakfast-bananas, wine and cigarettes. It was only 10.00am. They were having a great Camino!

The country side became more lush and there were glorious roses. We were actually pretty close by car to Santiago (11kms) but still further when you walk. Anne and Bill got talking and missed a turn off but after about 100 metres they realised the mistake and found the turn off. Irene and I were wondering where they had gone because they hadn’t been far behind us. Generally the markings have been very clear and we have hardly needed the book except for understanding the distances and possible stops.

We stopped for lunch at a trendy place we thought was close to our destination. It was exciting to have gazpacho and quacamole and toast for lunch. Irene and Anne had golden milk to drink which had turmeric and other spices. Bill and I had Galician beer. They offered us a blue ribbon no which we could write our wishes for our Camino. It was then tied to the fence. It is a nice ritual and lovely to think those wishes are fluttering into the universe.

Our destination seemed to stretch ahead instead of getting closer but eventually we got to Parada de Francos and were able to rest in the garden. Probably our first real opportunity to do such a thing the whole trip other than our rest days. It was so lovely listening to the birds.

Here they also offered gourmet pilgrim’s meals (€23) at 7.00 pm! We enjoyed the meal though we were ushered through pretty quickly and were home in time for a game of cards! Also a first even though I have carried them the whole trip.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “Téo 5 th May”

  1. Lovely photo of you in this log, nearly there!! Your spiritual and physical journey is thought provoking, thank you for your thoughts during this time, all my love Barbara


  2. Hi Kath
    Well these last two days sound wonderful!! A great way to end the walk ; love the casual way of the young men to their walk. Enjoy.
    Managed the Great Wall today xx


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