Padrón 4 th May

It was a tougher day with more hills and valleys and warmer weather. We took a few breaks which seemed to drag out the day’s walk but there was no hurry. We met quite a few different pilgrims along the way.

a wall of pupsOne lot was a group of Canadians who were being led by an Australian who lives in Spain. They were also staying at our hotel. They are being supported by a bus so anyone who feels the distance is too great or has any difficulty, has the backup to get to the next town without worry. They are only doing the last 100 kilometres and have other walking as part of the trip. They were a very happy group and at dinner burst into song. They were singing Happy Wanderer and so Anne and I joined in! It was a bit of fun.

As we walked along I got talking to the tour guide and explained about Bill and the bike. He then said he was interested in buying Bill’s bike when he gets to Santiago! Gary, originally from NSW, ptour guides all the different Caminos. I enquired about the French Way after Lyn’s friend said there were so many pilgrims. He said he had been on it a week ago and that it had been busy but not uncomfortably so. I asked the hotel reception here in Padrón what people did if it was all booked out in a town. She said people take taxis and go to the next town and then return to continue where they left off or she said some bring tents in peak summer so they always have some shelter.

Bill doing his jaunty rider impression. Made the bike look so comfy.

Our accommodation here was delightful but if you were too tired to visit Padrón at the end of the day you would not have seen the Church or any of the old town. Padron is small but has a significant connection with Santiago and Saint James was supposed to have moored his boat on his original arrival and it’s where his body was returned from Palestine by his disciples and transferred to land.

We all arrived hot and tired but separately. Anne and I had left Bill and Irene behind while Bill doctored her foot. We expected to meet again but they must have passed us while we were having a drink break and in the end we only saw them at the hotel. This place was a stately home and had a huge wall around it. The GPS guided us to the wall and then started to send Anne and I away! In the end I rang Bill and said we are so close but can’t see it. In the end it just required us to walk along the wall about 100 metres and the entrance was there!

After our usual routine of washing etc we decided to visit the town. I stupidly forgot to bring my credentia and missed getting a stamp from the church. I was quite disappointed. We were going to try this Pulperia Real restaurant for dinner and were delighted to discover that it was open early however when I wanted to order an herbois the waitress insisted it was only served with dessert and I had to choose something else! She did agree to Anne having ice in her sherry though. In the end I said I would have the local Galician wine. I had forgotten it comes in a small jug with a bowl! There were about four glasses of wine in it. No one else wanted to share so I had to drink it all on my own. The next thing was the food. We were determined to have Padron peppers in Padron but she said they were not in season! We have had them quite often but apparently they are imported from Morocco or Southern Spain so not local and therefore not on the menu.

After that knockback we decided to return to the hotel for dinner and had a delicious salad and pradrons. It was a big dinner and late as usual so I slept restlessly.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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