Pontevedra 2nd May

We slept in till 7.00 am and breakfasted at 9.00. This is a basic hotel, clean and no frills. The staff are friendly and helpful but the dining room is basically spartan with no staff at breakfast. I discovered the fresh tomato in jam-like pods by accident. I thought it was plum jam! It was a nice alternative to sweet jam on my toast.

With breakfast done we set off to the Pilgrims church again to receive our stamp and Bill, Anne and I went up the tower. It was rather underwhelming with a good view of the plaza on one side and the rest of the town obscured.

From here we were keen to see the sculpture park alongside the river. On the way we saw a few swimmers racing up the river around huge buoys and decided that this must be training for a triathlon. It was stiff going against the tide and the wind. They were all in wetsuits. The bridge we crossed to get to the park had metal rope like structures to support the bridge and they were clattering in the wind. It was so loud. A most unusual design feature. Below in the water were schools of mullet (?) sunbaking it seemed. They looked really large.

Unfortunately the sculpture park was rather disappointing. The Labrynth looked like a toilet block from outside( according to Anne) and when we walked to the centre it seemed it had been used for such too with lots of tissues and even a pair of underpants on the gravel. The next sculpture was a house squashed into a space between trees and another was a set of granite seats with writing we didn’t understand. This adventure was considered anticlimactic but we did see the promenade along the river and the University before we visited the Pazo de Cultura. Another curious place. There seemed to be an art gallery or exhibition space without a door!

Some what disappointed we took ourselves off to the old town for a delicious menu del dia, 3 courses and a bottle of wine for €11.50. The sculptures around town were far more interesting.

Our leisurely lunch over we strolled back to the hotel where Irene and Bill promptly fell asleep. Anne doctored her ankle with a remarkable cold bandage that works a bit like a Coolgardie safe, in that it uses the air to keep the gel type bandage cool. We talked and I wrote the blog and read up on the next day.

The wind had come back with a vengeance and was howling around the hotel, rattling the windows. We hoped it would diminish overnight. After our big lunch we opted for a sandwich and a drink at a nearby cafe. I had a toasted salad sandwich with egg. A salad sandwich always includes ham and cheese too. On the way back we stopped to check out the vending machines and were most amused to see a vending machine beside the lollies and drinks that had an array of sex aids. We were somewhat confused about some of the items and how they would be used! Travelling sure has its surprises. U

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “Pontevedra 2nd May”

  1. Morning Kathy and walkers,
    All sounds rather gorgeous now Kathy – very easy traveling. Been in touch with my neighbor who started from SJPD yesterday – horrendous – evidently 500 pilgrims left there yesterday – Rocenvslles fully booked and they were organizing taxis to next accm! Fully booked all the way to Pamplona – isn’t that so sad. Bruce party trmw – everyone here now except Jac and Ollie who arrive today – full house.
    Happy walking! Love Lyn


    1. Gosh that certainly puts paid to any return to that path. The north route might be a better option. Best wishes for the party and hopefully your friend will still have a moving experience. Excuse the pun. We are arriving in Monday the 6 th. This part is a little more busy now but nothing like that. Lots if cyclists. Bruce and you could do it that way!🤔


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