Three sleeps to go…

I have just had a wonderful massage from my friend Jan which has released all my pent up tension. Feel like I am walking on air. Jan and her husband Ron gave me a small file of ‘ health elixir’ to ward off infections and viruses. Ron is a chemist and expert on aroma therapy and this little mixture will work with me to keep me well. They swear by its properties. It has a robust but pleasant aroma. I was so touched. They have become good friends and their loving care of me is most appreciated.

After a busy day with Ziggy, followed by a stimulating book club discussion and then a quick edit of Hazel’s short story, I tumbled into bed around 12.30am last night. When I awoke  this morning at 6.30 I decided to take Alfie for a walk and then go to gym, my usual routine, despite feeling a little weary. I was shocked to discover that not one but two of our favourite trainers are leaving. Michelle the Pilates teacher has resigned because she can no longer combine teaching with her physiotherapist studies and Sam wants to spend more time with his upcoming baby. I admire his commitment to his wife and child but I am so disappointed for us. Sam is an excellent trainer who always pushes us to go harder or faster but never bullies . It is his efforts that have got me and kept me really fit and ready for this walk. I will miss his smiling face and good natured cajoling.

So now only three more sleeps to take off!

Last week countdown

Over Easter I went to the Grampians with friends. We did some solid hikes up to several peaks and I coped well which gave me confidence for my walk in France. Despite huffing and puffing like a steam engine, as soon as I stopped my breathing was normal, so it was just the extreme incline and the rough ground. I leftTuesday morning before the others at 6 am in order to get to Melbourne in time for my matinee session of the Carol King Musical , Beautiful at 1.00 pm. It is a 3 and a half hour + drive from Halls Gap to Melbourne depending on the traffic and I managed door to door in 3 and a half hours. It was just before daylight and I was startled by some deer crossing the road. That woke me up! The road is good when the traffic flows but coming into Melbourne I thought I would be stuck in morning peak hour traffic as it seemed to come to a standstill entering the freeway. All moved steadily however so I was home and unpacked and easily ready for the show.

Janine and I followed the show with afternoon tea at the Sofitel, a decadent , delicious treat. No dinner required! I also had to front up to book club at Tooronga village so all told by bed time I was a tad weary. I felt tired for a couple of days. We always seem to complain when Daylight saving starts and finishes so I will use that as my excuse!

I am into countdown mode and have reviewed my clothes to take on the hike and those to send to Germany, started the final list of documents to be copied, itinerary to be shared with family, health check and farewell dinners.

I have Ziggy to mind on Monday after dinner with the family at Simon’s Peking Duck Restaurant on Sunday. He is entranced by Hazel and they had a play last night before bed. She is gorgeous with him, so patient and playful. He insisted on joining her while she did exercises before bed.

I didn’t sleep so well because he wanted to sleep on the foldout couch but not on his own, so we shared. He is a twister, kicker as most children are! Also I was aware there is no mattress protector and wanted to be sure to take him to the loo in the night as well. He is not always reliable yet.

I am hosting the other book club tonight (what was I thinking?) and my housekeeping has slipped somewhat so with Ziggy’s help? I will tidy up and make the place presentable. I have half eaten chew toys, plastic balls, a table with junk on the end and a rocket left over from Ziggy’s creative exploits. We have bounce scheduled as well as a swim in the pool on the agenda. Just another day.