About me

I have a great passion for travel. I was a librarian and a teacher/educator before I retired and was free to travel. As a child I would spend my Saturday nights exploring the atlas. Remember those? A book of the world that fired my imagination and curiosity forever. I married a man who loved to travel and we had  a few adventures before our children arrived. Unfortunately my husband contracted a terminal illness and our dreams of travelling together after he retired were never realised.  My life changed irrevocably.  Part of my motivation for travelling was a desire to complete a camino in Spain. I had read many books and articles but it was only after my husband passed away that I considered undertaking such a challenge. I had hiked frequently in New Zealand and Australia over the previous years but a Camino – 800 kilometres was a huge challenge. It became a driving force and a chance to come to terms with my grief. It was the life changing experience I hoped and ignited a great love for long distance walking.  All travel is fascinating so I have embarked on alternative modes but walking is my favourite manner of exploring the world.

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