17th Sept Exciting day back on the Camino

We left Los Majadas in the dark to reach a point where we were rejoining the Camino again after our small break. Passing through a picturesque mountain path we saw a flock of vultures circling overhead. I tried to take a photo from the car. It was near Villaconejos de trabaque where Karen dropped us by the side of the road and we could see the yellow arrow.

It was cool, about 8C but good for walking and we saw the sun rise over the mountains then washing over the fields turning the wheat stubble golden. This is such tidy country and with gentle undulations a delight to walk through. Always there seem to be mountains on the horizon

It was an uneventful walk until we heard the river. There was the sound of cascades and rushing water. A delight to hear. It was deep below to our left and as we turned down to it, the road was full of juicy blackberries. I am missing my fruit so I gorged on them. They are sweet and flavoursome but quite seedy. As we came to the river we saw a bridge and felt quite relieved because the river was beautifully clear but fast flowing. Very enticing actually but alas the bridge had collapsed at the other end and we were faced with an over the boot or in my case well above ankle depth crossing. Peter decided to walk across boots on and was soon awash. Andy and I opted for our sandals and I took out a walking stick for extra balance. It was refreshing but a bit slippery and a really strong flow. We reached the other side without mishap. My feet were happy! While we were sitting we noticed a yabby swimming across the cord.While we dried off we had a snack and revived, we set off for Valdeolives. As we approached the town we heard the bells chiming. Most villages ring the time with church bells but these were ringing and ringing. Curious, we walked up to the church and then saw people coming and we heard a band playing somber music. It was the village bringing in the Christ statue on a platform held by many men led by a brass band. Every one looked at us with curiosity or wished us Buen Camino. A young group of women asked us if we were on the Camino and from where had we started. One of them had completed a Camino in August. They offered us food and were so delighted to have Camino Pilgrims in their town. We had to decline because Karen was waiting for us at Salmerón. As we progressed through town we saw evidence of a running of the bulls earlier in the day. What a shame we missed that! The Christ figure was Christ of Buen Camino- the town’s symbol.

Eventually we arrived in Salmerón to be greeted by a happy crowd who directed us to the bar and the Albergue. Karen had been sitting by the fountain quietly communing with the cats until about 3.30 when the bar suddenly filled with people and became a very happy place with music and lively conversations. It is so typical of these towns. They seem dead until after siesta then everyone comes out to socialise before going to dinner. Another aspect us the snacks that come with the drinks. We have always received olives or nut mixes but this bar gave us ham and chorizo and I got smoked mussels.All washed down by two beers! It had been a warm day in the end and I was very thirsty.

We left and drive on to Trillo where we will stay for 3 nights. We are staying in a type of holiday park of two story bungalows attached to an expensive Spa hotel. As it was Saturday we decided to eat out and set off for the town centre. We couldn’t find any place till a group of old ladies directed us to Casa David. What a hip place and the food was great. We were amused by a group of guys on a bucks night. The groom was dressed in a flamenco dress and his friends were singing like it was a football game.. After our 24 km day we had eaten well and slept like babes!

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

3 thoughts on “17th Sept Exciting day back on the Camino”

  1. That was such an interesting day. The photos were great and I enjoyed your detailed commentary. Thank you. It must have taken you some time and you were tired.

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