14th Sept Cuenca

Moved on to Fuentes and decided to take a rest day with Karen as my knee was a bit twingy and I felt tired. Fuentes is another small place but is part of a Dinosaure trail and has some significant Lagunes (deep lakes). It is surrounded by fields of sunflowers with their heads brown and ready for harvest. Karen and I found our Casa rural apartment and looked to do some shopping in readiness for Andy and Peter who were walking the 23 kms.

It was a mystery where the supermarket might be. We only found a bakery with some basic goods such as milk and tuna! After the men arrived about 1 pm we set off for a bar and check out the evening menu. In our meandering we stumbled on a small supermarket. It is potluck when you wander around because the towns don’t seem to have a Main Street like we are used to. They have always a plaza mayor but that doesn’t equate to central shops.

Laguna Negra

The next morning in the rain we set off to visit the Laguna. Karen was a bit dismayed as the car slid and slipped on the muddy road. After our quick look we got back in but the car was a bit bogged so out we hopped again and pushed until Karen got onto more solid ground. Thankfully the rain wasn’t too heavy and we didn’t get soaked. I had left my raincoat in the pack.

We found supermarkets on the outskirts of Cuenca where we stocked up and then found our way through the town. It is a bit daunting after the little places and we all were surprised our big it seemed. We wound round little streets and up hill such that it seemed the streets got ever narrower.

We finally arrived at our residences in the barrio de Castilla. It was raining again but we were able to park reasonably close. Our place is charming with lots of doors to lock. Inside it is three levels and Peter and I each have a bedroom but up a tiny spiral staircase. Wouldn’t want to be too big. Peter has to duck his head going up and down.

Our host greeted us with a few provisions as well as a small piece of honey cake and a liqueur. We all enjoyed its anise flavour.

As we were leaving to explore Cuenca Karen tripped on the front door step and fell heavily gashing her shin on the aluminium door frame. We were all shocked at the amount of blood that had pooled on the floor when she got up and raced for the first aid kit. She also ended up with a bruise on her arm and a cut to her finger. We stopped the bleeding and patched her up. She was feeling okay so we continued our exploration of the town plus looking for a pharmacy for extra supplies.

Cuenca is a really interesting ancient town established first by the Moors then reconquered by the Christian’s and also had a significant Jewish community. It must have had every Christian order at its height of influence. Eventually the fort city outgrew the limit of its geographical site and spread down the hill into the valley. The balance of economy moved from the hill to the plain. The old town houses two significant art galleries and a science museum and planetarium. We visited the Abstract art gallery in a hanging house which was fabulous and also very impressed with the science museum. Lots of interactive experiences.

After siesta we stopped by the Contemporary Art gallery. Amazing building . It was like a maze and the art was very contemporary- a bit weird but interesting.

Little things of life

Walking back on the opposite side of town we looked across the gorge to see two eyes looking back

A mist enjoyable town to visit and well worth the UNESCO heritage stamp. Back on the road walking and exploring tomorrow.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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