6 th Sept Up, up and over!

Today started well with a funny back to front breakfast at The Posada. Pilgrims are the almost the only people who eat at 6.00 am in Spain! We had a table outside the kitchen and started with cafe con leche and croissants. Then the chef asked if we wanted any fruit and yogurt and presented us with juicy melons and a choice of apples and oranges, then offered juice. It was all delicious and generous. The best thing for Karen was succeeding in getting hot black tea and cold milk in another cup on the side. Tea is a mystery for many Spanish. We paid for our previous evening meal and off we went. They had been very accommodating the night before by going out of their way to make vegetarian meals for two and I had salad with tuna and dessert. When I said I would have wine for a change I ended up with a whole bottle to myself! Our meal cost €40 for 3 including wine and water.

Today’s walk was all uphill for over 10km. Then a 6 km descent. It was pretty steep and warm even though we were early. We did have a cool breeze to offset the sunshine and gradually as we gained the forest a bit of shade on the path. As we saw the sun rise over Bunol I liked the shapes of the buildings but realised I had taken a photo of the cement works! Still, in the pink morning light it looked attractive!

The gentle whoosh of the wind through the trees was soothing and we soon gained some expansive views. There were lots of ripe blackberries to savour along the path.

At one point I looked back and we could see the sun glinting on the Mediterranean and Valencia.

Looking back towards Valencia

Unfortunately the slope and growing warmth was beginning to take its toll on Karen again and she began to slow down. Peter also was finding the terrain hard. By the time we had crested the hill and started the descent they were both quite exhausted. Karen has concluded that she just can’t walk in the heat at all and despite the hydralites I have been giving them, they are struggling. Both are disappointed. Karen is fine in the cold and Peter is good on the flat. We are discussing car hire but it will have to come from the Airport I think. Even though we feel like we are miles from anywhere we are still only 35 kms from Valencia Airport!

Just one part of today’s climb
Taking a break
Siete Aguas

Siete Aguas is larger than expected and it was all uphill into town. Groan. We stopped at the first bar and had lemon fantas and salted peanuts in their shells. Our Casa Roses is a room only accommodation. We have a tiny ensuite for each room. Basic, but clean and comfortable with good beds and a welcome refuge for the end of today.. After a rest we went exploring. Not much is left that reflects the history as a border town when the Moors were expelled by the king or convert.

We joined the locals for a game of cards while we waited for dinner. It was very pleasant and we have come up with another alternative to our dilemma as the hire cars are so busy. Karen will walk while it is cool and then catch a bus, taking some of Peter’s c’things to lighten his load. We have 21 kms tomorrow.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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