January 20th 2021 Back in Melbourne

My summer holiday has ended and I am back in Melbourne. The weather is cool though sunny, and I need to readjust to the changeable weather and pick up my responsibilities again. Alfie has returned and so my walking routines are being reestablished.

I found waking at 6 am this morning a bit depressing because the sun was only just rising. In Queensland waking to bright sunlight at that time just made me feel great. We do have the gorgeous gloaming as compensation and I have been walking later instead.

I feel rather disoriented somehow. Slipping back into routines isn’t that easy and maybe I just don’t want to. Post holiday blues? I have gone to the gym only once so far though I have been nursing an annoying twinge in my thigh and modified my activities accordingly. Eventually I decided to visit the physio which seems to be helping. I have special exercises to complete which will loosen the muscles and while I need to do them it seems difficult fitting them in every day.

I caught up with Janine and Jane for coffee which was a lovely welcome back and as usual we just didn’t have enough time to talk! Then it was time with Ziggy. I had Friday and Saturday till lunch with Ziggy. We swam in the pool downstairs and played in the park and did creative activities. He found Jonathan’s memory book from school in the book case and after browsing the years, his question about why there were no brown children in the class photos was so telling of how our world has changed. His school is very multicultural with all ethnicities and colours.

He was a delight to have and is back to sleeping in the spare room again. When he told me he wanted to make pancakes for breakfast for my birthday present I expected to be asked where all the ingredients would be found. But no; he knew where everything was in my kitchen, even the flour and the measuring cups. He only asked me how to turn on the gas stove. I was very impressed with the results and we ate them all! He is a very competent chef in the kitchen at 8 years old and I was so proud. He is very observant- like most kids he is a sponge! A great credit to his parents and their enthusiasm for cooking, and patience in the kitchen!

My beautiful Daughter-in-law Clare, Marlo and Ziggy.

Saturday morning was more swimming and dog walking then we went for lunch with his parents and Marlo and uncle Chico (Nick). He was so pleased to see Marlo and so confident in handling him. It is very endearing to see how he is forming a very loving and gentle relationship with Marlo. Marlo is also very aware of his brother even at only 3 months. I missed him very much when he returned home. Actually I think the source of my post holiday blues is getting used to being on my own again. I have got used to having company all the time.

I had a successful night at Life drawing which left me feeling a real sense of improvement and progress in my ability. Having barely lifted a pencil since before Christmas I felt pleased with my efforts. The group is very supportive and they could see my progress too.

Today is Australia Day/ Invasion Day depending on your thoughts about the matter. It annoys me that we cannot settle on a different date because in reality, today was the establishment of New South Wales not Australia. We did not become a united country until Federation anyway so the 26th as Australia Day is really a misnomer. Even America doesn’t consider the arrival of the Mayflower as the commencement of the country, so why people cling to this date as impossible to shift bemuses me. There was an excellent opinion piece by historian Jonathan King about solving the problem. He suggests shifting the day to May 9, the opening of Federal Parliament by King George which was when we really became one country instead of a group of colonies. His article can be found here: https://www.smh.com.au/national/simple-solution-to-solve-australia-day-controversy-20210124-p56whw.html

Another article about Australia Day or Days is this one: https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/voices/culture/article/2018/01/23/many-different-dates-weve-celebrated-australia-day

It has only become rusted on since the bicentennial! As a child growing up I don’t really remember any great fuss about Australia Day which is evidenced by the different days celebrated, most Australians weren’t too particular either. I think that a day which symbolises invasion and European superiority is no longer appropriate. If Australia stands for being an inclusive nation then it is time to acknowledge the past damage inflicted by colonisation and find a day that really stands for all Australians. It is time for a change. The selection of four women as representing Australians of the Year, Senior Australian of the year, Young Australian of the year and Local Hero shows we can change and move with the times. The topics that they were representing were quite controversial, a survivor of child abuse, an indigenous educator, menstruation support for girls around the world, and a community worker in domestic violence. Voices being heard at last.

I have been bingeing on the French police series Spiral. It is very gritty and the protagonists are very human-so different from the American shows. The justice system is very different and ethical issues are very present so it has got me hooked. No slick clothes, personality differences, not too many niceties and I am improving my French( hopefully). The trouble with bingeing is it seems to make me unsettled. I guess I am too used to routine! Sitting up till 3.00 am because I was indulging my curiosity for the next and the next episode just threw me out. I still couldn’t sleep in which I think is actually a good thing, but I was tired!

Tomorrow I will be playing in a lawn bowls competition and that will be fun. It takes time to get your head around all the different aspects of your life when you come back from a holiday. Appointments and meetings all have to be scheduled which is a bit daunting really. Finding a speeding fine in the mail didn’t help either! A few kms over the limit driving to the airport seemed so unfair when there was no one on the road. But the limit is the limit even if it really makes me boil.

I slowed right down and now I have to wind up again. In fact I don’t think I have shaken off the CoVid Slow yet either. HaHa!

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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