Santiago de Compostela 9 th May

Irene and Bill left this morning at 6.45 am and Anne and I woke to say our goodbyes then went back to bed. It was a good place to be because all the cats in Galicia were falling on the roof. The day was wet to extremely wet!

Anne and I tidied up the apartment then departed in the rain to take our bags to luggage storage. Anne had found a plastic bag that she draped over her backpack and I lamented the posting of the poncho! Once the bags were divested, somewhat bedraggled, we headed off to the Santiago fresh food market. We actually found it without a problem. We were getting the hang of the place. What a charming market. All the fruit and vegetables we have craved were spread before us. Even the greens still had dirt. We wandered into the fish part and saw a guy with an oyster and lemon on a plate. It was only 11ish but we decided to buy some too and the oyster seller told us to go down to the end of the hall and get wine to go with them. We did a tasting of two very delicious wines with our freshly shucked oysters. They were fat and juicy and gorgeous. We felt quite decadent! The market has an area where if you buy from the stalls they cook it for you. We passed several people with prawns and octopus and sausages. We ended up at a Japanese stall and had soba noodles and vegetables as well as dumplings. It was so nice for a change.

The rain hadn’t let up at all and was heavier still so I suggested we go to the Museum of Pilgrimage and Santiago. It was free for over 65s, a nice bonus for us to keep our Euros for food and taxis. It was so interesting because it traces the origins of pilgrimage in all beliefs and then the development of the Camino De Santiago. It also had a display on the Kumano Kodo in Japan which brought back good memories.

We were so engrossed we didn’t realise the time and it was past three when we collected our bags and went to the taxi ramp. It was pouring and there were no taxis, a small queue and no shelter. Once again I lamented the posting of my ponch. I then found the taxi number and rang for a taxi. Another 15 minutes and we were in danger of getting completely soaked as the wind was swirling the rain around us and we were starting to get a little desperate. Finally the taxi arrived and we jumped in quickly. There was a conference in town so the driver had been back and forth to the airport five times already.

Irene and Bill had said get there early because it was like Marrakech- slow and crowded. What a delight when we found not one person waiting at the checkin desk and staff on duty who promptly printed our boarding passes and put our luggage all the way to Dubai. Even security was a breeze despite having to remove boots and getting the drugs and gunpowder test. No queues, no rush. It took us longer to get loaded on the plane as it was a full flight!

Arriving in Madrid was also easy and though we had to go through the whole process again there were no queues or hiccups. What amused us and we took as a sign, was that we were being directed by yellow arrows everywhere. We are still on a pilgrimage but this time to the Holy Land.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

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