27 th July Melbourne

It is cold and sunny here in Melbourne ( today at least). I have found it a bit hard to adjust after the lovely summer I have experienced in France and England, but I must not complain because it is actually winter here and to be expected.

My family was glad to see me ( always reassuring) as were many friends who have called on the phone or emailed to welcome me home. It has been quite busy in fact. The dog was beside himself but has not resumed sleeping on his bed in my bedroom. He sleeps in the dogsitter’s bed! My niece Hazel has allowed him to snuggle up so he isn’t giving up that luxury in a hurry. She has indulged that but not his food, and he has resumed his former sleek body because she has been strict about treats. I am grateful. He is off to be groomed next week so he can see out from his fringe!

My big shock was a speeding fine I incurred prior to my departure. I didn’t know I had one because it was issued a week after I left for France. It was only when I finally faced the pile of mail( most of which was disposable) that I found the final notice.

Next step licence cancellation or wheel clamping! It was midnight by then so I didn’t sleep very easily. However I did contact Fines Victoria the following morning and was granted a stay and chance to prove I was ignorant of the charge because I was out of the country from before I received the ‘plain white envelope’ , which had no indication of its importance, and can produce evidence to that effect.

I very quickly tried to submit my evidence by the online form but it kept crashing; so then I tried ringing and after about 15 minutes the phone was answered. The young woman was very calm and pleasant and reassuring but suggested I print the form and then scan and email. She omitted to tell me what the email address was and once again I could not find it online. To complicate matters my printer has decided not to print. Copy yes but print from computer no! I spent a great portion of the day on this task and decided then to just get it printed elsewhere and hand deliver to the actual office.

How would anyone collecting mail for another know this was important?

It takes awhile to get back into the swing of things here so I made a list. By the end of my list I was thinking that living a nomads life has a lot going for it! A thought popped into my head that was prompted by the memory of a sign I saw on the Chemin St Jacques – Life isn’t complicated. We make it complicated. I think that is going to be my mantra for awhile. Keep it simple.

Hazel my dog sitting niece, sent me a very funny clip about cheap air fares that struck a chord with me. Enjoy. Cheap flights on YouTube

It is the end of the week, I have managed to unpack the bag, do some washing, walk the dog, cook a few meals, deal with my correspondence, start catching up with family and friends, avert a small catastrophe and sleep pretty well most nights. I don’t think I suffered jet lag to notice. I have resumed driving and only once thought , is it this side of the road?!

All is good with the world. I am home and my bed is lovely.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

One thought on “27 th July Melbourne”

  1. Well Alfie looks well, and that of course, is key! Shocking about the speeding fine – and the plain white envelop is a crime in itself. Perhaps they do it on purpose, so that people will ignore it thinking its some kind of bank statement or similar non-urgent doc, thus swelling the coffers of the Victorian govt. Sneaky.


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