19 th June Stonewaithe to Grasmere 15 km

The group was divided between two B and Bs in Stonethwaite and the other group consisted of ( the other) Kathy, Denis, Colin, Maura, and Sarah who had to walk around to us ( Allen, Kingsley, Bruce and Lyn, Deborah and Me), as we were staying closer to the path. By all accounts they had been fed with a fantastic full breakfast, had baths and WiFi and the

best sandwiches they have had so far and cake. We had only had showers ( water restriction) no wifi, and a continental breakfast. The group kept going on about their fabulous food etc and it became a game of one upmanship but our group were never able to score any points because our host was very warm and friendly but limited in what they offered. In the end we came up with the fact that the house was 500 years old and they came back with ‘oh, ours was 501!’. We all just cracked up. It became a running joke all day, about what Rachel had provided at their place.

Our path was very steep and involved quite a bit of clambering up rocks. As we climbed higher the views were wonderful and you could see lakes in different valleys. I had never realised there were so many mountains in the Lakes District.

Our first mountain was Greenup Edge about 1000 metres straight up. Then we walked along a ridge to Calf crag, across boggy, peat marsh to Gibson Knott and on to Helm Crag before steeply descending into Grasmere. Every summit or pass I thought was our last but we just kept climbing because the weather was so good!

The views were worth the effort but my legs were feeling the strain of climbing up and down and struggling with bogs and creeks and rough rocky terrain. Despite that effort we were all feeling pretty good. Even though the distance wasn’t so far the climbing made it a tough day.

Maura had come down with a cold and had not felt up to the days walk after struggling yesterday. She was taken to the local medical facility for a check up by the saintly Rachel and opted to take the luggage transfer to Grasmere. We all felt it had been a good decision because Paul had opted for the three summits/passes because the weather was fine. A few people took tumbles, Colin broke his walking stick and Kingsley had a blood nose. An eventful day.

When we arrived at our Hotel we were delighted to find a pool and a jacuzzi. Deborah and I opted for both after getting settled. Then washing. The hotel has a drying room which was soon full of everyone’s clothes! What a shame there was no washing machine. We have a late start tomorrow because it is another arduous climb.

Dinner was delicious. I lashed out on the lamb and a winter berry pudding, scrumptious! Lyn and I have been having gin and tonics and I am completely bewildered by the range of gins. I have tried a local Lakes gin which was light and fragrant but I am intrigued by the variety. Bruce and I have also been trying the whisky as a night cap with a different one each night. We need a whisky tasting as well as gin!

We are all disappointed that the wifi is rubbish because we can’t post any updates or even use the phone for calls. The irony is we are walking to enjoy the quiet but still want some of the convenience of wifi!

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “19 th June Stonewaithe to Grasmere 15 km”

  1. Wow had not realised you were in a large group for the coast to coast. Also didn’t realise you were walking the Lake District. Notorious for its bad weather! But it looks like fine….time for a bang-up breakfast perhaps like the artery blocking ones we had in Ireland.


    1. A bit different walking with a group. At first I felt a bit claustrophobic but it is also interesting. Food has been surprisingly good so doubt I am losing weight on this trek but sure building leg muscles!


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