7th March St Anthème to Chapelle -en-Lafaye 12 kms

Today was fantastic. We had a steep rough track out of town and then we levelled out into forest. The air was filled with the aroma of pine and then we reached the pass of the dead man. A rather ominous name.

we saw an old lady working her garden. She asked us if we were having a promenade!

We were not far from Ferréol and pushed on. What joy! This little hamlet was so neat and many of the homes are renovated but best of all there was an open restaurant!! Look at this wood pile and the window dressings which are so typical

We decided to lunch there and it was a find. I had my first frogs legs. They were the Plat de Jour, with fruit salad or cheese to follow.They were like chicken wings and similar flavour. Lots of bone like quail. The boys had a fondue and Karen had an omelette with potato galette. We were all delighted with the experience. The potato galette was, as they say in the cooking shows, the hero of the dish!

It wasn’t much further then to our Gîte in Chapelle. I was fascinated by the density of dandelions. They just cover the paddocks almost like they are cultivated.

This time we really are on the Chemin St Jacque and tonight we have met our pilgrim from the other night and a young guy from Strasbourg with a dog.

We have seen lots of signs for the Camino today and it seems like they must have a few who have got lost.

Today I photographed all the crosses I came across. One statue near the restaurant was of the Madonna and had the engraving ‘ protector of travellers’.

On arrival at Chappell we could hear singing and talking upstairs but not see anyone and it was quite strange. It put us in mind of the crazy hosteleria, Pablo, in the movie The Way.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

One thought on “7th March St Anthème to Chapelle -en-Lafaye 12 kms”

  1. Such a picturesque walk Kathy.
    Loving your descriptions.
    Funny how frogs legs tasted like chicken to you. Back in 1992, my one and only experience with them, I could only identify the strong garlic flavour in which they were cooked 🙂 Cheers Lyn


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