5 th May La Chamba to Col des Supeyres 27 km

Today’s walking was delightful. We walked into alpine territory reaching 1542 m. We covered a range of terrains from forest, to Nordic ski runs, alpine meadows and heathers. The biggest delight was the acres of wild daffodils. They were above the snow line and just covered hectares in single flowers. We were enchanted. I carried daffodils as my wedding bouquet so I felt it was very special.

The climbing was well graded so no major grunts except after lunch. By that stage I was tired and hungry because we had only one pastry each and a bit of apple for breakfast. Just when I was about to eat my elbow the cafe at Col des Beal (a pass) appeared. I had been very sceptical because the first pass we came to, the place wasn’t open yet. I had face timed Jonathan and Ziggy while we were there but it was really cold and the mists were coming in. I could barely believe there would be an open cafe after our usual experiences.

Lunch was very satisfying with pasta, sausage and salad and coffee! Peter was feeling tired and Karen tried to get him a lift but to no avail so he needed to keep walking. They took the road and Andy and I took the GR3 up the mountain. Looking at it I felt tired but it wasn’t as bad as it had seemed. In fact all the hills were pretty easy though at first glance they seemed intimidating. We walked, and walked and for the first time we actually met people. A walker, some mountain bikers, some horse riders with a pack animal as well, a dune buggy type of car, a Nordic skier in training. Later we passed a family where the mother was passed out on the grass, the dad was looking bushed and the kids full of energy. We did have a concern for them as it was quite late in the day. It was a busy day on the mountain and as the day wore on we had several stops with packs off and lying on the grass. We were all beginning to think where is this next Gîte? The path was flat now but seemed to go on for ever. I saw another hill and thought, ‘ I can’t walk any further, I will pitch the tent here!” But of course the Gîte was just there off the road and it is wonderful. Very modern, friendly owners and great food. And a bar! We treated ourselves to beers and fancy tonics. It was a gorgeous walk but we were done. The woman from last night just walked to the first pass and stayed. Wise woman.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “5 th May La Chamba to Col des Supeyres 27 km”

  1. I’m glad the weather has improved for you Kath as this seems a very strenuous walk and I can’t help feeling anxious for Peter (a man I feel I know!) The occasional uncertainty about food and drink etc must sometimes mess with your minds when you are feeling tired and well aware that your body needs fuel. It seems such an alien thought that you could be in the French countryside yet unable to find coffee/pain/chèvre/wine 😳
    The gites are a godsend because I’m sure camping at this particular point in your walk might just have been too much for Peter and Karen. Your card evenings sound wonderful!
    It’s a bright blue sky here on a lazy Sunday morning. I came back up from Geelong yesterday after a few days with mum. Everyone’s fine and we had a great catch up with Doug and Wendy on Thursday night for Doug’s birthday. Tonight I’m heading out for a film at ACMI as part of the Human Rights Festival and there is a talk by the director and some of the participants in the film after the screening. Tomorrow is Book Club at Eva’s and it sort of marks in my mind that the first third of your trip has already gone! I then have two nights of theatre before jumping on the plane to Sydney for two weeks with M and M. Lots of fun in store.
    Day to day Aussie life remains underpinned by things we can only shake our heads at….. The royal commission into banking has also looked at financial advisors, insurance etc and people are huffing and puffing about all manner of poor practices. Some heads have rolled but I fear that the hoo and the hah will die down and the top end of town will just hunker down and carry on. I hope I’m well off the mark but I fear there is no real will to make a difference. It’s budget week this week and the rubbery figures will be on show on both sides of politics. Small potatoes really in comparison to the Brexit mess so it must be very nice indeed for the four of you to be immersed in the French countryside surrounded by daffodils and enjoying the camaraderie of wine and cheese and cards! Bliss!
    Much love Kath,
    Nine x


    1. Nine, Peter has improved considerably and is more his real self again. Today was a short walk through gorgeous country again but arriving on Sunday morning means hurrying to the supermarket and the local market to get some provisions because everything is closed after 12.30and tomorrow too in this town. Last night on the mountain was fantastic and we were sad to leave the hosts because they were so friendly and the food was great. It is nice to be away from the saga of Aussie politics and English politics. It has been more strenuous than we all expected but we are going strong and coping better all the time. I will fly up the stairs when I return! The shin has recovered, Karen has flourished in the cold weather and Pete is better.
      All is good. This part of France has been a revelation.


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