25 th April Nevers

Today we are waiting for Peter Shackleton to join us from the UK. It is an easy restful start. We have done all our washing and we have organised a car to support us over the next five days to Vichy. With all our various issues, my shin splint ( improving after a bit of rest) , Karen still tired and with a few nasty blisters, Andy with a mysterious swollen leg( not painful) and Peter with water on the knee before he starts, we are a fine lot of crocks. We all feel okay otherwise.

Andy, Karen and I do a leisurely tour of the city, which is quite charming and has a rich history. One of the things it is famous for is Faience earthen ware. They are beautiful pieces that you will probably recognise. Many are blue and yellow with intricate patterns or stories etc. they are hand painted. We visited the museum and watched the whole process. I found it fascinating and would buy some if I wasn’t travelling for a long time after now.

There is a huge cathedral with two apses, one at each end. The cathedral of St Cyr and St Julitte, was devastated many times over the centuries but lastly during WW11. They have reconstructed it but have chosen to install modern stain glass instead of recreating the old windows. It is interesting and those modern windows more elaborately designed seem to suit better than the minimalist ones.

One end of the church

Nevers is where St Bernadette from Lourdes came after her vision and lived with the Sisters of Charity. Her body is interred in a glass case in the Susters of Charity. chapel there.

I have been amused by the French signs for dogs. A bowl of water is called the bar chien, and there are special areas for pooing and peeing.

They aren’t used all the time but the streets are pretty clean.

Yesterday it was Amex and today I have discovered my ANZ visa has also been compromised! I have no back up cards now just my travel card. It was so annoying as I had to change any direct debits I might have and to speak to ANZ I had to remember my telephone code. Not likely! Anyway I am grateful for their quick action and vigilance. No loss and only small amounts presumably as testers.

I loved the ladies sweeping up blossom under a tree. They are tidy gardeners in France.

Author: fleetfootkath

I am a keen walker and traveller. I love to explore and learn about new people, places and cultures with a sense of joy and gratitude for this fortunate life. I believe walking is a wonderful way to really connect with the present and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. It makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “25 th April Nevers”

  1. What an adventurous time you are having Kath though I’m sure you could live without the plastic card drama 😬 Having both cards affected seems like far too much bad luck so something very sweet must surely be just around the corner!
    It’s good to know that you all have the option of a car as a support. Although you have all had a rest I guess lingering injuries just need that bit more time and you all have such marvellous things planned that you don’t want to jeopardise other parts of your trip.
    I love this part of France and it is here that my fatal love affair with collecting French porcelain began. Hence my cupboards with my stash of Gien plates etc that I have gathered over 20+ years. I can well understand your temptation!
    In complete contrast to your day I have spent mine in the top room with a locksmith servicing the heavy sliding Windows. I had been putting it off for ages so once he left I decided to wash all the windows, then the floor, and a spot of dusting and polishing. I feel very self righteous tonight! Tomorrow I am catching the train down to Frankston where Lyn and Rod will collect me to head off to a restaurant for lunch before a sleepover at their place in Mt Martha before I head back on Saturday morning. The weather has changed but there is no real rain predicted so Lynette and I are planning a walk in the afternoon (nothing like your walks though!)
    I hope this finds you feeling very contented after a day of trouble free walking in beautiful sunshine
    Nine xx


    1. That was a big job washing the windows and floor. You have every right to feel virtuous. Weather has turned wet here and we have visited Moulins but returned to our Gîte for a lazy afternoon. I am cooking tonight. Noodle stir fry.


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